Why UAO?

Before 2015, obtaining high-quality aerial images required a helicopter, and you would spend thousands of dollars just to hire a pilot for a few hours, not to mention the helicopter itself.

Modern Aerial Imaging / Drone Photography / Photogrammetry

Today, we use drones (UAV’s) with mounted 4k cameras to achieve a safer and more versatile version of what was once possible. Not only can we produce top notch content, but we do so at a fair and affordable price.

Our pilots are trained for multiple flight types: photography, videography, inspections and more.

Our software allows us to perform automated flights to gather data such as: orthomosaics, mapping and modeling, and even extracting measurements from the air.

Using drones (UAV’s) is one way to achieve stunning visuals, and its quicker and safer. For example, to model a large construction site on foot would take an entire day or more. For us it only takes 30 minutes on average.

If conducting a roof inspection, there’s a great risk of falling off the ladder or roof, just to take pictures with a smartphone. When using our services, our drone can fly up, take pictures/video in 4k and fly right down. You get better data, less risk, and the job gets done faster.

By checking our services tab on the menu, you can see the wide range of uses for our UAV technology.

We are FAA certified, insured, and experienced.

If you’re still not sure about our services, ask for a discounted quote for being a first-time client. We promise that after using our services, you’ll wish you had done so years ago.