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City Expose / Architecture Videography

Concord NC City Expose

Above: 4k Videography Sample

Below: 4k cinema Example

Aerial Videography

Aerial videography is a key element in creating a professional, cinematic, and outstanding video.

UAO Drones/UAV’s use 4k cameras shooting at 60 frames per second. We can always adjust frame rate in order achieve more cinematic motion blur or use max frame rate achieve a sharpness of a speeding car.

UAO has the ability to fly at multiple speeds. We can enter a slow moving, slow revealing motion for cinematic shots. We can enter SPORT MODE, obtaining speeds of 45 miles per hour. These different settings allow us to adapt to any environment that the job may call for.

UAO is experienced in all forms of aerial/ drone videography from fast-action sporting events, Cinema, events with speakers or music, and even surplus content for documentaries. If you require ground videography, keep reading.

Ground Videography

Our company specializes in Aerial Videography. However, many times a client may require more than just our aerial services. We provide 4k ground level videography at 60 frames per second or any frame rate you require.

Our cameras are mounted on gimbals, which allows us to move with the camera without having any shaking. These gimbals create smooth moving video shown in the video below.