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Aerial photography/mapping shows significant advantages in mining operations and mineral exploration.

-3D/2D Site Maps -Volume Calculations -Exploration -Thermal maps

-Equipment Inspection -Topographical Maps -Photos and Video

From stockpile measurements to sitemaps to exploration, using our service is inexpensive and safe. Using aerial photography, mining operations are able to view erosion, map out the complex, and calculate the amounts of materials gathered. Using drones for mineral exploration provides geologists and field crews with valuable information such as: location of outcrops and regolith, location of tracts, fences, bodies of water or waterways, and residential areas. For uses outside of exploration and mining such as lowering the environmental impact, the component of aerial photography is key.


More Information: Aerial Survey for Mineral Explorations, Quarries, and Stockpile Measurements.

The involvement of drones in the business of mineral exploration and quarrying cannot be understated. With new technology, our drones can create digital models of sites, extract measurements of volume, slope, height, etc, create maps and utilize long range flight for inspection and exploration

An aerial survey of a quarry is useful in several ways. For material calculations/stockpile measurements, our drones use advanced photogrammetry technology, paired with our mapping engine to produce measurements with accuracy as high as 97-99%. Negative volume, Cut and Fill, and more can be measured with our technology.

UAO - Aerial / Drone Mapping Grading DTM Elevation in Concord NC, Charlotte NC, Boone NC, Asheville NC, Kannapolis NC, Huntersville NC, Greensboro NC, Winston Salem NC and More

This aerial survey would contain other data as well. We can create a topographic map, a relief map or even a surface model, removing vegetation. This is extremely useful when dealing with mountainous terrain, or sites without even terrain. Even the flattest terrain needs to be surveyed for proper drainage. Enviromentally, the impact aerial surveys make cannot be understated. The most obvious drainage routes may be easy to spot, but some can only be seen with an elevation model.

Sometimes this data is provided by a satellite, but usually its out of date and inaccurate. Many of our clients find it impossible to rely on satellite imagery and satellite generated maps.

UAO - Aerial / Drone Mapping Survey in Concord NC, Charlotte NC, Boone NC, Asheville NC, Kannapolis NC, Huntersville NC, Greensboro NC, Winston Salem NC and More

Shown here is an example of a relief map made for a client. In one day, we mapped 900 acres. Using this, we can evaluate high risk areas for runoff, mitigating environmental disasters.

Aside from environmental impact mitigation, our clients find that having relief maps like this in combination with a topographic map generated with the aerial surveys gives the best representation for the land mass, allowing for proper site planning, drilling locations, and road placement.

Orthomosaics are created by conducting an aerial survey of the site with the drone. Our drones are equipped with georeferencing technology, creating a geolocated map usable in Autocad or mapping software. Alternatively, they can be viewed in extreme detail as a TIF image.

Visually, this orthorectified image is stunning. For Mineral Exploration, it has great utility.

Our aerial surveys are so detailed that if there is exposed ore, you will likely be able to see it in the orthomosaic. Adjusting the RGB Spectrum in the orthomosaic, we can highlight certain colors and dampen others.

For instance, if you are looking for iron deposits, we can highlight brown -red- orange, and lessen the other colors, making any signs of the deposit visible on the orthomosaic. Another option is the inverse, render the map blue-green to spot gold bearing ore.

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