Hire Drone Pilots for FORESTRY Services in North Carolina and Beyond

Allow us to provide you the most cutting-edge service in the Conservation, Lumber Harvesting, and Forest Management Sector.

Service Summary

Be it Urban or Rural Forestry, drone mapping and data collection provides clients with extremely useful information such as plant health maps, allowing you to view areas that are at risk.

This could be a blight in early stages or deficiencies in soil. Canopy coverage and gap mapping are crucial to understand the amount of possible forest disturbances as well as sunlight penetration.

Tree counts, height measurements and biomass calculations allow you to understand the carbon stored in a tract of forested land as well as approximate the material that can be harvested.

Using our aerial thermal infrared cameras, we extract multiple data types, which can be used to create soil moisture maps, among others.

All of the above can be done safely and quickly using our service.


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More Information

All of our pilots are Part 107 certified and are well trained in piloting our aircraft. Not only that, but our pilots also our experts in GIS and the procedures used to collect the remote sensing data we use to create maps and models.

You will receive up to date, relevant, and personalized maps, models and calculations of your project site thanks to our state-of-the-art drones, sensors, and processing software.

Our basic maps and models (ortho, topo, plant health) have a turn overtime of 24 hours in some cases. Our canopy coverage and gap mapping service may take up to 72 hours.

On the other hand, our services such as soil moisture mapping, and our services such as biomass calculations, may take 7 days or more to finish processing / mapmaking.