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Unmanned Aerial Operations Drone Photography / Aerial Imaging

Our Aerial Mapping-derived interactive maps allow you to visualize information about a property / site / region in a better way.

Using our drones and drone mapping technology to create the orthomosaic, we then create the interactive map using additional ground or aerial images taken on site and using the information provided to us or gathered. The deliverable is a high-resolution map* with interactive icons where visitors to the property / site /region can access information like never before. Organized, user friendly, and effective. We are Part 107 Certified and Insured.

*Map used in this context refers to digital image with information overlayed, making no claims of geographic land surveying accuracy. This is only for visual and sharing of information purposes protected under the first amendment.

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A brief summary of our Interactive Maps

Here at UAO we know the power of information. In the past, information was trapped in books, or folded up maps and manilla folders. Today, all information can be consolidated and visualized in one place, and updated if need be.

In the field

First off, the process begins with the aerial survey* / drone mapping procedure. Visit our drone mapping / land mapping page to learn more. The client will tell us the area to be mapped, and we’ll put the drone in the air to begin the mapping.

Following this, we proceed to scan the property / site / region. While we are mapping the region, we will go around the property / site / region and capture ground images like those shown in the map above. Once the mapping is completed, we check to make sure we’ve captured the entire area.

In the office

Afterwards, we process the imagery from the scan in our mapping engine. This creates a high-resolution image of the property / site / region otherwise known as an orthomosaic.

While we process the imagery, we ask the client to send the information for the information to be embedded in the map annotations if they haven’t already. In cases where we need to gather information, we will still ask if the client has any supplemental information for the map.


The deliverables will vary depending on the client’s needs. If a client needs files associated with the interactive map’s creation; for example, relief maps or 3D models, we are happy to provide those along with the main deliverable, the Interactive Map.

Clients may receive:

-a script to insert into their website HTML (like the example above)

-a downloadable version of the Interactive Map

To wrap it all up:

Our aerial survey* / Drone mapping derived Interactive Maps have a plethora of uses. With these maps, education can be made easier, projects can be managed better, and information can be conveyed more accurately.

We value our client’s satisfaction, so we hope you will give us at UAO a chance to help you display information in this new and exciting way!

*Survey in this context is combined with the term aerial, to mean an aerial photo (or photos) from the sky used to analyze features loosely. In no way does UAO declare any property lines or claim any legal substance from the Aerial Survey. Survey in this context is not synonymous with the word survey used in “Land Survey”

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