Interactive Maps for Schools / University

UAO Aerial Survey University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Get an interactive map of your school’s campus to show students faculty, visitors, and contributors your campus in a user-friendly new way.

There are many benefits to an interactive map.  For schools, having an interactive map is extremely beneficial because it’s a given that students, faculty, visitors and contributors want and need to see the campus as well as understand it. With interactive maps, you’ll be able to pack in information such as text, photos, videos. 


Future Students

For future students, this way of conveying information is simple, user-friendly, and effective. Instead of having a printed map, or using videos separated by webpages, you can have all the information in one place. Even better, the information is accessible by click of a button. Future students will be able to see what building they will be studying in, see where they are going to live, see where restaurants are, and get excited by actually watching the videos your school produces.

Current Students

 For current students this interactive map allows them to plan their day. If they’re studying in a building across campus from where they usually may eat, they can find a new restaurant simply by clicking on the buildings. For many students, common maps using a legend can be difficult. Not all students are geography majors. By having this map accessible to them at all times on their phone ensures that they will stay excited about exploring the campus, and as mentioned before, not have to hike across campus for a meal.

 For faculty, the uses are so very similar to current students. However, faculty do not explore the campus as much because they are often confined to teaching in one building.


 For contributors, having an interactive map allows those not always on campus, or even not usually on campus to still interact with the campus in a fun and user-friendly way. Knowing where their funds and donations have went . Seeing the map, they may be inclined to donate even more. Without a doubt, interactive maps have many uses and many advantages. The quick turnover time means that as we build the interactive map the campus will not change. However, that does not stay true for the interactive map. If the campus does change, we can update the annotations and content provided in the text boxes. If a new flyover an aerial survey is needed this can be done at a discounted price.

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