Interactive Maps for Navigating Job Sites and Company Campus’s for New Employees & Visitors


Get an Interactive Map for new employees and visitors to navigate you company’s job site / company campus!

  Unmanned Aerial Operations (UAO), understands the difficulties and challenges with introducing new employees. New employees may have a relatively small understanding of the many moving parts of a job site and where they will be working. To better prepare new employees for their first day, week or month on a job site, UAO provides interactive, aerial-derived maps to relieve any confusion while increasing efficiency and safety. Shown above is a great example of how information can be visually conveyed using these interactive maps. For more on construction, click here.

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Uses of Interactive Maps for Job Sites

For Employees

  • Include the Interactive Map in the welcome packet
  • Have the interactive map accessible on employee’s phones by way of email or company website.

Showing this to an employee the before they start their job will have them better prepared to navigate your job site. As shown above, these maps can display text, photographs, and video.

This means you can pack this interactive map with information such as correct PPE to wear in a certain area of the job site, correct safety standards to abide by in certain areas of the job site, what each sector of your job site produces/creates, and where the new employee will be working.

 Having the new employee understand what to do and where to go on their first day, will increase efficiency and decrease possible safety hazards and accidents.

Sending this map to your new employee before their first week on the job site is a spectacular way for them to come familiar with it. Going further, having them be accessible to the interactive map on throughout their first day or first week on the job site will guarantee awareness of their surroundings.

For Visitors

Have Interactive Map on website for visitors to access

Visitors to your job site or company campus will be informed of where to go and where to avoid by becoming familiar with your job site or company campus before they set foot on it.

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