Interactive Maps for Golf Courses



Tag each hole or structure with text, photos, and video to attract more business, build a player knowledge base & allow players to plan their game anytime, anywhere.

Try out this baseline interactive map below of a golf course in Charlotte NC by holding your cursor over the different icons! This map contains text and photographs.

Feature an Interactive Map of your golf course on your website for all to access or feature it behind a pay wall. Feature the interactive map in your visitor center or at the bar. Show clients and visitors information on each hole, distance from tee to hole and tips on playing the best golf possible. Throughout this article we’ll discuss how interactive maps are changing the game and improving golfers’ software and interactivity with the courses they play on. Shown above is a prime example of this new and exciting way to convey information.


Uses and Advantages

For Owners & Management

From the perspective of a golf course management company or owners of the golf course this interactive map technology can be a massive advantage financially as well as notoriety.

Focusing on owners of the golf course, managers of the golf course, and those marketing the golf course for more visitation, the interactive maps draw more players in by presenting the course in an accessible way. Using tags containing text, photos and videos of each hole and other places will build anticipation and hype for your course.

Having an interactive map to show the golf course as a whole is an advantage alone. Adding annotations containing text images and even videos will offer an even further analysis of each whole individually.

Not only that, but these interactive maps show players amenities and other opportunities to purchase concessions and merchandise, restrooms, or rest between holes.

Not only does it have value to those trying to market the golf course to potential players, but it also has value when attempting to sell the golf course. Potential buyers can look and see the potential that each hole has for improvement or maintaining each present hole. Also, simply having this map can allow you to sell the course for more.

For Golfers

As many golfers know, perfecting your game can take a lifetime. However, advice from older more experience golfers tends to boost performance in younger more inexperienced golfers.

This interactive map can bypass years of failing upwards by adding hole to hole calculations and other advice. In some cases, two maps can be created, one with basic information and one behind a paywall with advice, calculations, and video tutorials if the client chooses to go that route.

Adding text annotations containing distance from tee to hole can help players calibrate their swing before ever stepping foot on the course. Having a section advising strength of a swing can accompany this distance measurement.

Having photos of each hole and areas around the hole that accompanies the text can provide a visual of what to expect during a game.

Including videos accompanying the text and photos can be a massive advantage to players wondering how to improve their game. Including a tutorial of each hole can benefit new players massively.

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More Reasons to Choose UAO Interactive Maps:

For more challenging golf courses, it’s a great way to attract attention advertising your course as one of a higher expertise and skill level. On the flipside, having this interactive map annotations photos and videos can break the barrier to entry in some cases.

It’s completely up to you, the client, what you would like to put for annotations, photos, or videos. Some clients may want to keep the mystique of each golf course and each individual hole.  In this case we can simply enter information such as its hole number, photos, or a video of a player taking his swing.

 Our clients love our interactive maps. Not only can these maps be shown on your website. These maps can be shown on players phones for reference, or even in your visitor center. Having this map in your visitor center is a great way to trade more people inside the visitor center. This has the potential to sell more merchandise. Therefore, this may be a great addition to a bar located in the country club. No matter where you put it this interactive map will attract attention and keep people engaged.


These maps are downloadable or alternatively they can be entered as a script to paste as an HTML on your website. This is a simple process. The benefits of having the HTML deliverable are that we can update these maps for you at any point. Perhaps the hole has changed slight It does not require a new flyover, but a new photo to go with the annotation. This is a simple as updating the annotation on the website version of your interactive map. UAO loves returning customers, this means if your golf course does require a new flyover, we will offer you the service at a discounted price.

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