Hire Drone Pilots for RESIDENTIAL INSPECTIONS in North Carolina and Beyond

-Thermal Inspections

-Roof Inspections

-Wildlife Inspections

-Tree Inspections

-Damage Assessment

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Inspections needed in areas that are difficult or dangerous to access is made much safer and easier with aerial photography & aerial thermal imaging.

Our drones are top of the line in sensor quality and flight performance. This assures quality in the imaging of the building, unit, or subject under inspection.

Opting to use our service will save you time, money and the stress of work-related injury. Any exterior part of the subject under inspection can be reached with our UAV’s.

Using thermal sensors, we can identify areas of heat loss on your home, such as a weak spot in your roof, wall, or door/window. Our thermal service can save you thousands of dollars.

We use the Thermal Pro drone: Anafi thermal is the ultra-compact and lightweight thermal drone imaging solution, efficient and agile. With 2 cameras: thermal (-14°F to 752°f) and visible (4K HDR) with 180° tilt.

2 high precision cameras: We Capture the invisible and visible. The FLIR radiometric thermal camera measures and displays everything you can’t see by
revealing thermal differences in the areas and elements we fly over: hot spots, cold spots, and thermal leaks.

The 4K HDR camera with 21MP Sony sensor
dedicated to visual inspection accurately inspects a frame and captures details to illustrate the condition of a structure.

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Aerial Inspection of Residential Home