Hire Drone Pilots for INFRASTRUCTURE INSPECTIONS in North Carolina and Beyond

“Perfect for solar panel inspections.” “Excellent work done inspecting our dock.”

-Thermal Imaging / Thermal 3D Modeling

-Standard 3D Modeling

-Standard Aerial Imaging

-Wildlife Inspections

-Underwater Inspections

For residential inspections visit our page Residential Inspections.

UAO offers a safe and efficient alternative to infrastructure inspections. Using Unmanned Aerial Operations premium services, you decrease the risk of work-related injury, while gathering inspection data in a more efficient way.

Structures due for inspection such as a bridge or building, can be easily imaged or scanned for 3D Modeling. Engineers are able to inspect the bridge via our model and images without putting any lives at risk during inspection. Constant monitoring of structures prevents catastrophe.

Combining standard imaging with thermal imaging reveals weak spots in the structure or areas of heat loss.

Thermal imaging’s relationship to the solar industry cannot be downplayed. UAO is able to provide you with thermal maps of solar fields as well as roof top solar installations in order to identify “hot spots”. These hot spots indicate defective cells, problems with wiring, and internal/external damage.

If left unchecked, the solar panel will not be as effective, causing energy loss, and possess the possibility of further damage to the panel. Using UAO to regularly scan your solar panels means we will catch these issues before they get worse.

Wildlife and their relationship to infrastructure is a delicate one. With our technologies, data can be gathered to see if wildlife are at risk, and make sure you are not violating any environmental regulations.

Road building is a crucial but disruptive process. The sooner a project is complete the better. UAO is able to provide accurate relief maps, cut and fill measurements, slope measurements and more. Using our services makes you more efficient.

Using UAO’s underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles, we are able to spend as long as it takes to image, model and inspect your submerged structure.

If your bridge, dock, or dam is due for inspection, or you suspect a weakness, its vital you leverage our underwater capabilities to monitor your structure. Using our Remotely Operated Vehicles, we decrease the risk of work-related fatalities greatly.

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