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Unmanned Aerial Operations - Drone Survey Photogrammetry
Unmanned Aerial Operations: Drone survey for grading, photogrammetry for construction
UAO - Aerial / Drone Mapping Survey in Concord NC, Charlotte NC, Boone NC, Asheville NC, Kannapolis NC, Huntersville NC, Greensboro NC, Winston Salem NC and More
UAO – Aerial / Drone Mapping Orthomosaic 600 Acres
UAO - Aerial / Drone Mapping Construction Topographic Map in Concord NC, Charlotte NC, Boone NC, Asheville NC, Kannapolis NC, Huntersville NC, Greensboro NC, Winston Salem NC and More
UAO – Aerial / Drone Mapping generating Topographic Map

-Choose UAO for quality Aerial Surveys, Drone Mapping, Drone Survey & Photogrammetry Services in Asheboro NC-

UAO consistently impresses clients with our accurate maps and measurements, detailed models, and quality deliverables. With clients from Grading Companies to local governments, our drone survey maps are dependable and so are our pilots.

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UAO is proud of our ability to give our clients precisely what you need, and more.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of using Unmanned Aerial Operations (UAO) map a property, construction site, or measure any stockpile, distance, area and more. We are Part 107 Certified and FAA Qualified.

-Drone Survey Asheboro NC- Why You Should Hire UAO For Drone Surveys, Drone Mapping, and Photogrammetry Measurments-

One of the most important things to consider when hiring a drone survey company in Asheboro is the type of survey they will be doing. Compared to traditional survey methods, drone surveys are incredibly efficient. Drones can collect data and provide 3D mapping for a variety of purpose. Click a service to jump to details on the service.


-DSM’s & DTM’s (relief maps)

-Contour/Topographic maps

-Volume / Stockpile Measurements & Cut and Fill

-Distance, Area, slope measurements and more

-3D Modeling

They can also identify abnormal signatures and reduce survey time and cost. Find out more about drone surveys today!

-Our UAO Drones collect data for Clients in Asheboro NC Needing 3D mapping from a drone survey-

The benefits and use cases:

UAO - Aerial / Drone Mapping Survey in Concord NC, Charlotte NC, Boone NC, Asheville NC, Kannapolis NC, Huntersville NC, Greensboro NC, Winston Salem NC and More

Using drones can be useful for mapping as well as surveying purposes. Drones are capable of collecting hundreds of photos and stitching them together into an Orthomosaic map. The maps contain X/Y axes and color information of each point on the map. The accuracy of the data obtained from orthomosaic maps is high, and they can be used to measure distances between specific points.

More Information:

Aerial maps are also useful for agricultural purposes. For example, a soybean farmer could identify a bur cucumber infestation and avoid further contamination.

With this information, he would save approximately $5,500. Another farmer could use aerial maps to assess the damage done to his crop during a hailstorm and save himself $5,500. Aerial maps could also be used by a corn farmer to assess the damage to his crop after a hailstorm.

The drones used for 3D mapping Asheboro North Carolina are equipped with sensors to collect data. LiDAR and RGB cameras are used for photogrammetry, and many drones now contain payloads for LiDAR.

Drones are also capable of capturing data from specific wavelengths. These data can provide better insights for crop management. With 3D mapping and measurements of Asheboro North Carolina, drones can provide information in a faster timeframe than ever before.

-They can identify abnormal signatures and collect agricultural data-

UAO - Aerial / Drone Mapping Survey in Concord NC, Charlotte NC, Boone NC, Asheville NC, Kannapolis NC, Huntersville NC, Greensboro NC, Winston Salem NC and More

Aerial mapping is often very accurate, and drones are capable of identifying abnormal signatures. In addition to aerial mapping, drones can also be used to identify negative trends in crop yields. Thermal maps are useful for a variety of industries, from agriculture to the pharmaceutical industry. Thermal maps can reveal areas that are under-irrigated or in poor condition, as well as detecting disease and germs.

More Information:

Aerial imaging from a drone can reveal a variety of data, including a three-dimensional model of the area. Drones work as airborne scanners, collecting data pertaining to large objects.

This data can be used to identify abnormalities in buildings, cities, and military bases. The technology can also help detect leaks and identify anomalous signatures in hot water lines and condensation return lines.

-A UAO Drone survey reduce survey time-

One of the biggest challenges for oil and gas pipeline companies is the length of time and expense required to conduct surveys in remote areas. Traditionally, this required moving teams and theodolites across a huge expanse of wilderness, and could take days or even weeks.

In contrast, drones allow surveyors to cover the same area in only a fraction of the time. Drone-based surveys can be completed in a matter of days or even hours.

More Information:

While the use of drones for surveying varies greatly, the common uses of the technology include Property and environmental assessments, engineering, construction management, and civil engineering.

They reduce field time and cost for large construction sites and can provide an improved level of accuracy and safety. The accuracy of aerial surveys will depend on the software used to capture the data.

UAO uses the very best software and mapping engine, updated monthly, and we boast accuracy of 97 – 99%. Drones can also provide a visual representation of an entire worksite.

Since satellite imagery lacks the detail of aerial maps, they are not always clear. But aerial mapping allows for high-resolution detail and can help track down illegal logging. Furthermore, it can also help with determining the health of the forest.

-Hiring UAO for drone surveys, drone mapping, and photogrammetry is cost-effective-

UAO Aerial Wildlife Inspection in Concord NC, Charlotte NC, Kannapolis NC, Huntersville NC, and More

The benefits of aerial mapping are numerous. For example, drones provide a low-impact method of studying delicate and unstable settings. Engineers and geographers use aerial surveys to observe glaciers, track erosion, and more.

Aerial mapping is more efficient than conventional survey methods, such as ground-based surveys.

Drones fly multiple times over the same area to collect data. They are equipped with software that can automatically program the flight path and send it back to the operator.

They can also collect data and produce maps, measurements, and 3D models. Drones are capable of speed and can operate in confined airspace.

More Information:

Aerial mapping of Asheboro NC is cost-effective because the Drone Pilot can produce highly accurate maps using drones quickly, which saves our clients time and money.

Our pilots use the best equipment, including RTK GPS units, to produce high-quality maps. Drones are extremely efficient and save time. Drones can save you money by cutting down on man-hours spent on manual surveys and CAD. Therefore, drone mapping is a cost-effective alternative to a traditional land survey.

Aerial mapping services can also help us reduce operational risks. Drones can access difficult-to-reach areas and acquire information from vantage points that humans cannot.

And they can collect the same amount of data in a shorter period of time. In addition, drone operators can manually maneuver the drone or enable it to self-pilot. The cost-effectiveness of aerial mapping Asheboro North Carolina is undeniable.

-UAO drones for Emergency Response-

Emergency response uses Drone Survey to document areas affected by disasters and accidents. The information captured by drones can help disaster relief teams determine where resources are needed most.

Since they can fly in areas that are difficult to access, drones have become a critical part of disaster response. Not only do they help with situational awareness, but they also provide a clear record for insurance claims. The California wildfires, for example, were documented with the help of drones.

The use of aerial mapping in Asheboro, North Carolina is gaining popularity in many fields. Drones are used for emergency response and emergency preparation. Drones can provide precise maps of a region quickly and easily.

These images are collected from a high-definition camera mounted on a drone. Drones can help emergency responders assess damage to buildings, neighborhoods, and more. They can also be used to assess emergency situations such as wildfires and other natural disasters.

During disasters, Drone Survey can provide information that can help with disaster response, reconstruction, and cultural preservation.

-Choose UAO for your Drone Mapping, Drone Surveying, Aerial Mapping, & Photogrammetry Solutions-

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