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Unmanned Aerial Operations: Drone survey for grading, photogrammetry for construction
UAO - Aerial / Drone Mapping Survey in Concord NC, Charlotte NC, Boone NC, Asheville NC, Kannapolis NC, Huntersville NC, Greensboro NC, Winston Salem NC and More
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UAO - Aerial / Drone Mapping Construction Topographic Map in Concord NC, Charlotte NC, Boone NC, Asheville NC, Kannapolis NC, Huntersville NC, Greensboro NC, Winston Salem NC and More
UAO – Aerial / Drone Mapping generating Topographic Map

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UAO is constantly impressing clients by its precise measurements and precise models. UAO also provides high-quality products. The maps we provide for drone surveys have been praised by a variety of clients, from Grading companies to local government agencies.

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This article will explore the advantages of Unmanned Aerial Operations (UAO). It is a method to locate / map construction sites, property sites, determine stockspiles, distances, areas and many more things. We’re Part 107 certified and FAA certified.

Drone Survey Boone NC – Why you should engage UAO to conduct Drone Surveys as well as Drone Mapping–

When you are hiring UAO to conduct a drone survey in Boone NC, one of the primary aspects to take into consideration is the kind of survey we’ll be conducting. Drone surveys are far more effective than conventional techniques of surveying. Drone surveys are much more effective than traditional methods of survey.


Drones are also able to detect unusual signatures faster, which could make it easier to complete the survey and reduce cost. Find out more about drone surveys!


-DSM’s & DTM’s (relief maps)

-Contour/Topographic maps

-Volume / Stockpile Measurements & Cut and Fill

-Distance, Area, slope measurements and more

-3D Modeling

-Our UAO Drones gather information for our clients who are located in Boone NC. They need 3D mapping of drone surveys.

Uses and benefits

Drones can be utilized to survey and map for mapping purposes. Drones are able to capture hundreds of images and stitch them to make an Orthomosaic map. Every point is identified with its X/Y axes, as along with the information about color. Orthomosaic maps are extremely precise and are useful to measure distances between two points.

Additional Information:

Aerial mapping can also be beneficial for agricultural use. A farmer who grows soybeans could spot an outbreak of bur cucumber to prevent it from spreading.

This data could aid him in saving $5,500. Farmers can also utilize aerial maps to assess the damage caused by hailstorms to his crop, and thus save up to $5,500. A farmer who grows corn could utilize aerial maps to evaluate the damage caused by hailstorms to the crop.

Drones that are utilized to map 3D Boone North Carolina have sensors which gather information. Photogrammetry is performed by using RGB as well as LiDAR cameras. A lot of drones come with Payloads that are connected to convert LiDAR.

Drones also collect data in certain wavelengths. This data will provide more insight into the management of crops. Drones can give more data in a shorter time than ever before thanks to 3D measurements and mapping of Boone North Carolina.

They are able to detect unusual signatures and collect information about agriculture.

Drones are able to detect unusual patterns and are usually highly accurate when it comes to aerial mapping. Drones can be used to identify negative trends in yields of crops. Thermal maps are utilized in a variety of fields which include agriculture as well as the pharmaceutical industry. The thermal maps are helpful to identify areas that aren’t adequately irrigated or are with bad health. They can also assist in identify germs and diseases.

Additional Information:

Drone-based aerial photography can offer an abundance of data as well as a 3D representation of the region. Drones can also be utilized as airborne scanners that gather data on big objects.

The information can be used to identify anomalies in cities, buildings as well as military bases. This technique can be utilized to identify leaks, detect unusual patterns in cold and hot water lines, and identify the root of the leaks.

UAO drone survey could reduce the time required to complete–

Pipelines for oil and gas have one of the most difficult challenges: the amount of cost and time required to study remote regions. It was once necessary to move teams of theodolites as well as teams across vast wild regions. This could take a few days, or even weeks.

Drones, on the other hand, permit surveyors to survey the exact area only one-third of the time. Drone-based surveys can be completed in just a few days, or even hours.

Additional Information:

While drones can be employed for a variety of reasons, the most common are environmental assessments, property civil engineering, construction management.

The software will cut down on the time and expense of construction sites with large amounts of work and offer a greater quality of safety and precision. Software that records data will assess the precision of aerial surveys.

UAO utilizes the most advanced mapping software and software. UAO is updated each month and have an accuracy of 97-99 percent. Drones can offer visual representations of the entire areas of work.

Satellite imagery isn’t as precise as aerial maps, and consequently they’re less precise. Aerial maps can offer high-resolution information, which could be used to identify illegal logging. It is also used to assess the condition of forests.

-Hiring UAO to conduct drone surveys drone mapping, photogrammetry and drone surveys is an affordable option

Aerial mapping offers many advantages. Drones can be utilized to examine fragile structures and fragile environments with little impact. Geographers and engineers make use of our drone service to monitor erosion and study glaciers.

Aerial mapping is much more effective than conventional survey methods such as ground-based surveys.

For data collection drones are able to fly several times within the same space. They are outfitted with software that can automate the flight route and transmit it back to the pilot.

They also have the capability of collecting data, and creating measurements, maps as well as 3D models. Drones are able to be flying at high speed and within restricted airspace.

Additional Information:

UAO Boone NC aerial mapping is cost-effective due to the fact that the Drone Pilot can quickly create top-quality maps and save our customers time.

To create top-quality maps, our pilots employ only the top equipment, including RTK GPS units. Drones are a great way to save time and can be extremely efficient. Drones can reduce costs as they cut down on the time needed to conduct manual surveys as well as CAD. Drone mapping is an economical alternative to traditional surveying of land.

We can also lower the risk of operations through drones for aerial mapping. Drones can gain access to places that are hard to access and also collect information from places that are that are not accessible to humans.

They are also able to gather the same amount of information in less duration. Drone operators can choose to pilot the drone manually or let it be self-piloted. It is simple to assess the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of aerial mapping Boone North Carolina.

UAV drones are used for emergency response-

Drone Survey is used by emergency responders to identify areas that have been affected by natural catastrophes or accidents. Drones can offer important information that assists disaster relief teams to determine which areas are most required.

Drones are an essential element of emergency response since they are able to fly in remote locations. Drones do not just offer situational awareness, but they can also help with insurance claims by providing precise evidence. Drones were utilized to record the California wildfires.

The use of aerial mapping is becoming increasingly well-known in Boone, North Carolina. Drones are a great tool to aid in the preparation and response to emergencies. Drones can quickly and precisely identify a particular region.

The images are captured by drones equipped with high-definition camera. Drones can be helpful for emergency personnel to evaluate the extent of destruction to homes and communities. Drones are also useful in emergency situations such as wildfires and other natural disasters.

A drone survey can be used to gather information during times of disaster which will aid in reconstruction and preservation of culture.

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