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Thinking about hiring a drone pilot for LiDAR Mapping / LiDAR Survey?

LiDAR mapping is the best way to map terrain.

In areas where vegetation is present, terrain cannot be mapped by standard methods.

Our LiDAR system is able to penetrate the vegetation and reveal the true topography of the subject area.

Vegetation or not, LiDAR is the most accurate method of mapping terrain.

3D-Model-of mountains-in North-Carolina

Modeling subject areas into 3D models is more accurate with LiDAR.

This can be used for structural inspections, amongst other things.

Colorized 2D LiDAR maps are extremely detailed and are geo-referenced.

LiDAR is the best option for:

-Mapping -Modeling -Inspections

An affordable, high-end service for complex problems.

If interested in standard (photogrammetry) mapping, click here.

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