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You can download and browse images from our drone for construction progress photography service as well as our boots on the ground construction photography service by using the secure Google Drive folder. The files are viewable without having a Google account. The folder can be shared with however many people as you like!

After we have visited the location, we take the images or videos. Meanwhile we organize the documents according to the time and location of the project to ensure that you don’t lose track of them. You’ll also have full editing control of the folders!

Drone Construction Photography

UAO - Aerial / Drone Contruction Progression Photography in Charlotte, Concord, Kannapolis, Huntersville, Mooresville NC and More
Aerial / Drone Construction Progression Photography in Charlotte NC

The drone’s construction progress photography comes with numerous advantages. It is possible to monitor large projects as well as sites that have reference points by using our drone construction progress photography.

The construction photography we offer isn’t just useful for finding areas of improvement, but also lets you look at the whole construction site’s development and compare it with the blueprints of your project.

We are also able to conduct drone mapping and aerial surveys to help you with your specific project. This allows you to collect topographic maps as well as measurements, like area, volume and count, orthomosiacs (highly high-quality top-down photos of the location) as well as 3D models and many more. For more details and examples, click this page.

During our visit to the site, we will take notes of the state of the site for your reference. Meanwhile, most companies only do the bare minimum. Unlike the other companies, we go the extra mile!

Our Part107 certified Pilots are equipped with the expertise and the training required to record and monitor the development of your construction site. Request a quote today!

Construction Photography services On The Ground

Charlotte-Construction-photography-service / Hire Unmanned Aerial Operations
Charlote Construction Photography Service / Hire Unmanned Aerial Operations

We provide drones and aerial progression photography, as in addition to our Ground-Level Photography service.

This service lets you view all the details of your construction project or construction site. We’ll walk around through the site, taking photos in 4K using a wide-angle lens, ensuring you can get all the details. You will be able to point to the exact location of the object.

This service is able to be paired with our drone-based construction photography service in order to obtain all the information. 

During our visit to the site, we will take notes of the state of the site for your reference. Meanwhile, most companies only do the bare minimum. Unlike the other companies, we go the extra mile!

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We’ll be able to provide you with a price after we’ve received your details. While the majority of our projects run for one year, we’re capable of doing tours of construction photography in a one-to-one basis. Unmanned Aerial Operations can provide these construction photography services for you, regardless of whether it’s an annual contract or a two-year one which we regularly visit.