Hire Drone Pilots for EVENTS in North Carolina and Beyond

Sports: Using aerial videography and photography to capture the action in any competition will significantly improve watch-ability and professionalism. Our drones are equipped with a sports mode, allowing us to effortlessly track the action on the field or around the racetrack. With our 4k cameras equipped our drones will provide crystal clear video and images, allowing viewers to identify players and drivers. This addition to your game will provide gripping footage to an already intense event.

Concerts: Adding aerial videography to your event can be a game changer in terms of marketability and quality. Our drones our equipped with 4k cameras to capture the entire venue in crystal clear resolution. Our pilots are highly skilled in videography, resulting in beautiful sweeping shots of the action on stage. Don’t hesitate to request our services, because we are as passionate about the music as we are the end product!

Weddings: Filming a wedding is about capturing the beauty of the Bride and Groom, the wedding party, your loved ones and the entire venue. Our drones are equipped with the latest 4k cameras to provide you with the perfect quality for your perfect day. Our pilots are highly skilled in cinematography, so you can be hands on or hands off and your vision will be made a reality. We also possess a number of high end hand held cameras, as well as tripods and gimbals. Allow us to give your wedding a new perspective.