Please outline what service you need, the acreage (if applicable), the address and the preferred date & time for the service to be provided. Press “contact us” to send your message.

No matter how soon, how far out, or what time, UAO is committed to providing Quality Aerial & Ground Imaging / Video & Aerial Drone Mapping to our clients. Book today or ask any questions you may have.


-Do you provide services outside North Carolina? Yes.

-Do you have a common method of content delivery? Google Drive.

-How fast are deliverables provided? Usually between 24 Hours – 48 Hours.

-Do you edit videos / photos? Yes.

-How far out do I need to book you? If a client contacts us the same day they need our services, we will provide service as long as we are not already booked.

-How long have you been producing media/piloting drones? 10+ Years

-How accurate are your aerial/drone mapping measurements (volume, distance, area, etc)? On the higher end of 97% – 99% accurate.

-What are your qualifications? We are licensed Part 107 Pilots, and hold Bachelor’s of Science in GIS Mapping.

-Do you work with large companies / agencies? Yes.

-Do you work with small companies / agencies / individuals? Yes.

-Do you carry liability insurance? Yes.

-Can you operate without the client present? Yes.

If you have any questions that are not included on this list, please reach out to us via the contact form above or call via the phone number or email us with email address listed at the top of the page.