Aerial Videography / Drone Videography in Raleigh North Carolina

Need Aerial Video for a real estate sale? How about an event? Cinema? Aerial Traffic Study? We’ve got you covered in and around Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Real Estate Aerial Video / Drone Video Raleigh North Carolina


Listings that are built around aerial or drone footage have a 68% higher chance of being sold to be for selling.

Aerial footage provides you with an overview of the area around, neighborhoods and the property.

UAO can offer high-quality real estate video clips to customers who request them. Visit our page: Real Estate, to see more!

You will get:

UAO’s videography solutions are available for both ground and sky. UAO offers the complete package when you join UAO.

All files will arrive at your address.

The product you receive is the finished product/produced footage.

You may request a modification to fit your needs.

Videography by Raleigh North Carolina


Sports Aerial videography at any race can significantly enhance your ability to observe and become a professional. Our drones are equipped with sports mode, which lets us observe the action on the racetrack or in the field. The 4K cameras on our drones will enable viewers to view clear video and images. This will increase the excitement of an already exciting event.

Concerts Adding aerial videography to events can make it more attractive to prospective buyers. The 4K camera can capture the entire stage in amazing clarity. The pilots are skilled in videography abilities and are capable of capturing stunning images of the action on stage. We are passionate about music and the end result. Don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us!

Weddings – Weddings are filmed with the intention of capturing the beauty, happiness and joy of the bride and groom, as well as the wedding location. Our drones are equipped with the most modern 4K cameras that will provide you with the best quality images for your wedding day. Our pilots are proficient in cinematography, so you can either be hands-on or away from the controls, and your vision will be realized. We have a wide selection of high-quality handheld cameras, as well as tripods and gimbals. We can help you view your wedding day from a different angle.

You’ll receive:

UAO’s videography solutions are available for ground and sky. UAO will provide you with the entire package when we contract you.

The entire file will be sent to you.

You will receive the final product/produced film.

You can request a modification to fit your needs.

— Videography via the air, made available to cinemas / television in Raleigh North Carolina

Cinematography is becoming more dependent on aerial videography.

UAO provides 4K video for its customers. Our pilots are pilots, videographers and all the other elements of the package.

You can use the lens from the ground to capture the object. The drone will then transfer the information that we have taken.

Aerial videography forms part of Raleigh North Carolina

Unmanned Aerial Operations (UAO), is well aware of the advantages of drones/UAVs for monitoring traffic patterns and making use of AI to carry out Aerial Traffic Surveys, or Aerial Research in Raleigh NC.

We can place drones at the right altitude so that we can get every subject, all intersections leading to them, and as much traffic as feasible.

Legally Compliant Optimizing Aerial Traffic Study Footage

To legally use drones commercially, Drone pilots need to be FAA Part 107 certified. Drones can only be used for 400 feet of distance. Most cameras are not able to cover large areas. Large areas of coverage aren’t possible for the majority of drone pilots or companies.

UAO makes large-scale legal and quick video with very wide lenses. This is typically required for uneven terrain such as Raleigh NC.

Stabilization For Optimal Aerial Traffic Study Footage:

Our drones are equipped with the most advanced stabilization technology. The drone can endure rain, moderate winds, and gentle winds while keeping VFR. For optimal surveillance of traffic, the drone must remain stationary.