Aerial Videography / Drone Videography in Mooresville, North Carolina

Need Aerial Video for a real estate sale? How about an event? Cinema? Aerial Traffic Study? We’ve got you covered in and around Mooresville, North Carolina.

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Real Estate Aerial Video / Drone Video Mooresville North Carolina


The chances of listing are 68% higher to be found if they have been seen from the air or drones.

Aerial video gives you an enhanced view of the area around it, the surrounding neighborhood and the house.

UAO provides the same high-quality video to customers of real estate as we do to filming customers.

You’ll get:

UAO’s videography tools can be used anywhere, including the skies and below. UAO can provide the whole package when you join UAO.

All files will be delivered to you.

The final product or film will be delivered to your address.

You may ask for a revision that is in line to your requirements.

Videography by Mooresville, North Carolina


Sports Aerial videography at any race will significantly improve your ability to observe and become a professional. Our drones come with sports mode, which lets us follow the action on the racetrack or in the field. The drones are equipped with 4K cameras that will allow viewers to see clear images and video. This will make an already thrilling event more exciting.

Concerts The addition of aerial videography to your event can enhance the appeal of your event and more appealing to potential buyers. The drones are equipped with 4K cameras that can capture the entire scene with amazing clarity. The pilots are proficient in videography and have the ability to capture amazing images of the stage action. We’re passionate about music, and we’re thrilled about the end result. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help!

Weddings Weddings are filmed with the intention of capturing the beauty, happiness and celebrations of the bride and groom as well the venue. Our drones have the latest 4K cameras that will provide you with the best quality images for your wedding day. Our pilots are skilled in cinematography. You can work with them or take control of the drone’s controls. We have a wide selection of top-quality handheld cameras, as well as tripods and gimbals. Our team can offer a fresh perspective on your wedding.

You will get:

UAO’s videography services are available for ground as well as sky. UAO will provide you with all the services when we sign a contract with you.

All files will arrive at your address.

You will get the final product/video.

You may request a change to suit your needs.

  • Videography from the air, provided to cinemas / television in Mooresville North Carolina Aerial videography is now a standard in cinematography. UAO provides 4K video services to its customers. Our videographers are pilots as well as pilots and other elements of the bundle. We are able to capture an object using the lens in the ground. The drone can then transmit the data we have recorded.

  • Aerial videography forms an integral part of Mooresville North Carolina Unmanned Aerial Operations (UAO), is well aware of the benefits of drones/UAVs for tracking traffic patterns and using AI to conduct Aerial Traffic Surveys, or Aerial research in Mooresville NC. We are able to place drones at the right height to capture all subjects, intersections that lead to them, as well as as many traffic flows as feasible.

  • Legally Compliant Enhancing the Aerial Traffic Study Footage Drone pilots must have their FAA Part 107 certified in order to legally use commercially with drones. Drones cannot fly further than 400 feet. It is therefore impossible to cover large areas with most drone cameras. Most drone pilots and businesses are limited to taking photos of only a tiny area.

  • UAO makes use of extremely wide lenses to take large-scale videos quickly and legally. This is typical for uneven terrain, such as Mooresville NC. Stabilization For Optimal Aerial Traffic Study Footage: The most advanced stabilization technology is used in our drones. The drone can endure rain, moderate winds and light winds and still maintain VFR. To ensure optimal traffic monitoring the drone remains stationary.