Aerial Videography / Drone Videography in Greensboro North Carolina

Need Aerial Video for a real estate sale? How about an event? Cinema? Aerial Traffic Study? We’ve got you covered in and around Greensboro, North Carolina.

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Real Estate Aerial Video / Drone Video Greensboro North Carolina


Listings are 68% more likely if they have been viewed from the air or drones.

Aerial video gives you a better perspective of the surrounding area, the neighbourhood, and the property.

UAO offers the same high-quality video to clients who require an actual estate video that we provide to film customers.

UAO’s videography services cover the sky and ground. UAO offers the complete package when you sign a contract with UAO.

All files will be provided to you.

The final product/produced video.

It is possible to request a change to meet your requirements.

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Sports Aerial videography at any race can significantly enhance your ability to watch and professional. Our drones come with a sports mode that allows us to follow the action in the field or on the racetrack. Our drones come with 4K cameras which allow viewers to see clear images, video and more. This will increase the excitement of an already exciting event.

Concerts The addition of aerial videography to your event will enhance the appeal of your event and appealing to potential buyers. The 4K camera can capture the entire stage in amazing clarity. The pilots are experts in videography and are able to take stunning photos of the stage action. We are enthusiastic about music as well as the final product. Please don’t hesitate in contacting us!

Weddings Filming weddings is all about capturing the beauty and joy of the bride and groom, and the entire wedding day celebration. Our drones are equipped with the most modern 4K cameras which can provide you with best quality images for your wedding day. You can choose to be hands-on or remotely using the controls to achieve your dream. Our pilots are skilled in cinematography. We sell a variety of top-quality handheld cameras and tripods as well as gimbals, Gimbals, and other equipment. Our team is able to provide an entirely new perspective to your wedding.

UAO’s videography services include ground and the sky. UAO can provide the whole package when you sign up with us.

All files will arrive at your address.

The customer will be provided with the final product/produced film.

You may request a change to suit your needs. Videography via the air, made available to television and cinemas in Greensboro North Carolina Aerial videography is a norm in cinematography. UAO offers 4K video to its clients. Our pilots are videographers, pilots, as well as all the other elements of the package. The lens on the ground is able to capture objects. The drone is able to receive the captured information.

Aerial videography is an integral part of Greensboro North Carolina Unmanned Aerial Operations, (UAO), recognizes the benefits of drones/UAVs in tracking patterns of traffic.

UAVs can also be used to use AI for Aerial Traffic Surveys as well as Aerial Traffic Research in Greensboro NC. We can place drones at the right altitude so that we can get all subjects, intersections leading to them, and as much traffic as possible. Legal Optimization of Traffic Study Footage from Aerials Drone pilots must possess their FAA Part 107 certificate in order to legally use commercial drones. Drones are able to travel a maximum of 400 feet.

This means it is not possible to cover large areas by using most cameras. The majority of drone pilots are restricted to taking photos of a very tiny area. UAO employs extremely wide lenses to create large-scale, legal and quick video. This is typically needed for terrains with extreme unevenness like Greensboro NC. Stabilization For Optimal Aerial Traffic Study Footage: Our drones are equipped with the most recent stabilization technology. The drone is able to withstand mild rain, moderate winds and mild winds while keeping VFR. The drone is able to remain stationary to ensure traffic monitoring.

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