Aerial Videography / Drone Videography in Concord, North Carolina

Need Aerial Video for a real estate sale? How about an event? Cinema? Aerial Traffic Study? We’ve got you covered in and around Concord, North Carolina.

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Real Estate Aerial Video / Drone Video Concord North Carolina


Listings that are based on aerial and drone video have a 68% higher chance of being sold to be for sale.

Aerial video provides you with an enhanced view of the area around it, the surrounding area and the house.

UAO provides the same high-quality video to clients who require a real estate video as we offer to film clients. Check out our Real estate page to see more.

You will get:

UAO’s videography services cover the ground and the sky. UAO can provide the whole package when you join us.

All files will be delivered to your address.

The end product /produced video will be delivered to you.

You can request a change to meet your requirements.

Videography taken from the air of the events that take place in Concord, North Carolina


Sports Aerial videography at any race can significantly enhance your ability to observe and become a professional. Our drones have a sports mode that allows us to follow the action on the field or at the racetrack. Our drones come with 4K cameras that allow viewers to see clear images, video and much more. This will increase the anticipation of an already thrilling event.

Concerts Aerial videography can make your event more noticeable and more appealing to buyers. These drones can record the entire stage in stunning clarity with 4K cameras. The pilots are skilled in videography and are able to take stunning photos of the action on stage. We love music and the finished product, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Weddings: Filming your wedding is about recording the happiness and elegance of the bride and groom as well as the wedding celebration. Our drones are equipped with the most recent 4K cameras, ensuring you get the best quality on your wedding day. Our pilots are proficient in cinematography, which means you can either be hands-on or off the controls, and your dream will be achieved. We sell a variety of top-quality handheld cameras and tripods and gimbals as well as gimbals and other gear. We will give you an entirely new perspective on your wedding.

You will receive:

UAO’s videography services include ground and the sky. UAO will provide you with all the services when we sign a contract with you.

All files will be sent to you.

The final product/produced video will be delivered to you.

You can request a revision to accommodate your requirements.

– Airborne videography for Cinemas and televisions in Concord North Carolina

Cinematography is increasingly dependent on aerial videography.

UAO offers 4K video to its customers. Our pilots can be videographers or pilots.

We have the ability to capture an object using the lens that is on the ground. The drone will then transfer the data we’ve taken.

Aerial photography is a part of Concord North Carolina

Unmanned Aerial Operations is well-aware of the benefits drones/UAVs can bring to tracking traffic patterns. They also use AI to conduct Aerial Transportation Surveys and Aerial Transportation Research in Concord NC.

We can position drones at an optimal altitude so we can be able to reach all subjects and intersections.

Staying legal Enhancing the Aerial Traffic Study Footage

Drone pilots must be FAA Part 107 certified to be able to legally commercially use drones. Drones are limited to 400 feet of distance. Most cameras are not able to cover vast areas. The majority of drone pilots and businesses limit their photography to a limited area.

UAO utilizes wide-angle lenses to produce large-scale, legal and quick video. This is typically required for very uneven terrain such as that of Concord NC.

Stabilization For Optimal Aerial Traffic Study Footage:

Our drones are equipped with the most advanced stabilization technology. The drone can endure rain, moderate wind and mild winds, while maintaining VFR. The drone is able to remain stationary to ensure traffic monitoring.