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Unmanned Aerial Operations (UAO) knows how useful drones/UAV’s are when it comes to monitoring traffic, studying patterns, and implementing AI into an Aerial traffic survey / Aerial traffic Study.

More than that, we know how to position the drone at the optimal altitude, so that we capture the entire subject, nearby intersections leading to the subject, and as much of the surrounding traffic flow as possible.

Staying Legal While Optimizing Aerial Traffic Study Footage:

UAO pilots are FAA Part 107 Certified, as you have to be to operate a drone for profit legally. Drones have a legal altitude limit of 400 feet, which makes capturing large areas impossible with most cameras. Many drone pilots / companies can only capture a small area.

UAO uses ultra-wide lenses, making the impossible, possible. As promised, we capture large areas legally, and easily.

Stabilization For Optimal Aerial Traffic Study Footage:

Our drones have advanced stabilization technology. This means that while maintaining VFR, wind and even light rain are not an issue. The drone will stay in place for optimal traffic monitoring.

As shown in the video at the top of the page, even with wind conditions, the drone did not move. UAO invests in the best, so you can invest in UAO.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Can you film consistently for one hour / can you film with no breaks or cuts for ______ amount of time? YES. While most drone batteries last 24 minutes when flying, UAO’s solution is to have two drones on hand. The primary drone films first, and upon the 30% battery warning, we send the secondary drone to the exact location of the primary drone. We alternate drones until the job is complete, with no noticeable change in footage.

Do you combine / edit footage? YES. If you request post processing, we can provide.

How do you deal with authorities? If necessary, we contact the proper authorities to alert them of the situation so that no problems are had.

How is footage delivered? We deliver footage via a secure Google Drive link. You don’t even need an account, just an email address, and you can download the footage.

Case Study

Schools often cause traffic jams during hours of operation, specifically during the hours in which classes begin and finish.

In some cases, these traffic jams cause automobile collisions due to the probability of continuous traffic jams.

UAO was contracted to conduct an Aerial Traffic Study / Aerial Traffic Survey over the course of 5 days.

We leveraged our UAV’s / drones and gathered data points on the time traffic became heavy or light, directions traffic entered the area, whether or not the automobiles entered the school or passed by, and queueing.

This information allowed the school board to construct new entrances and exits to alleviate queueing, lowering the risk of an automobile accident

Hire UAO For Quality Aerial Traffic Study’s / Aerial Traffic Survey’s

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